Botanical Parts

I am working on a new series of sculptures that I sketched during the cold months of winter when I wished for warmth and color. These new pieces are inspired by amazing botanicals that are really found in nature. My pieces will have a fantasy twist to them, but the colors, patterns and forms are all inspired by nature’s art. I especially love the way the brightly colored glass wraps look almost painted onto the pieces and the fun forms I am creating to make the various flower parts.

I worked out of Vandalia Glassworks new studio this week for the first time. It is a beautiful space with friendly people and I look forward to working there again. In these pictures you can see me working there with Alli Luhman to create a flutter bowl form that will become flower petals for one botanical sculpture. Other botanical forms can be seen in the foreground of one of the photos, as well. This coming weekend, I will be creating glass beads and assembling the parts into whole flowers…photos to come.

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