As I was working creating floral beads at my torch, I thought it would be a fun pun to create a piece titled “Flame Thrower” and create beads that look like flames instead of flowers. Thus the idea was born and I set out to create a base that would capture the idea.

I chose an orangish red and a a yellow orange for the flame colors. I wrapped those over a layer of white to make the colors pop, then rakes them to create a feathered effect that looked flame-like.

Once the base was completed, I picked colors of glass to create the beads. As with all of my sculptures, I use flameworking techniques for bead making that compliment the patterning and color work of the base. Creating wraps, feathering and two tone flat beads are some of the patterns I chose to go with the feathered oranges of the base. Then I altered flat beads to create a wavy look to use as the beads got closer to the end of the armature. The flame beads at the end we’re fun to create… giving a delicate touch to the end of each arm of the sculpture and fully completing my vision of a firery flame.

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