Behind the Scenes

During this time of Covid-19, I have not been able to blow glass, so I have been focusing on the multi-media 2-D pieces I am creating as part of a series of blown sculptures and 2-D work focused on teen girls and mental health. Yesterday as I was working on this piece, I was struck by how interesting it looked from the back with the light shining through it. I decided to create this post with photos of close ups and behind the art views, both literally as in the above photo and figuratively with some in progress shots.

I am creating the multi-media pieces using glass, collage, fabric, yarn, paint, lettering and other fibers.

In 1997 I spent a year living in Argentina. While there I painted nearly every day, exploring color theory in abstract and realistic paintings. More recently I have enjoy reading The Aesthetics of Joy by Ingrid Fetell Lee and thinking about the ways things such as color and shape affect our mood because it relates so well to the ways I have described my whimsical glass sculptures. In these 2-D works I have been turning the aesthetics of joy around to use colors and shapes that evoke fear, anxiety, and sadnesses in the paintings.

It is my hope that through this series of artworks I will give insight into the inner feelings of those struggling with mental health and to bring attention to the mental health crisis of our teen girls. As many know this is a topic of great personal meaning and significance to me, so I am grateful for the opportunity to create this work. Stay tuned for the final picture when I complete this painting.

I want to thank Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council and the McKnight Foundation for the grant I received to purchase supplies and for expenses so that I will be able to create this series.

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