IMG_20181102_122804208I have been super busy this past month and a half getting ready for various shows, doing exhibit applications… The house was a mess until I finished my work and I also realized my head was starting to spin keeping track of what art was going where and when.  While I keep dates in my phone calendar, I also like paper copies that let me look at the big picture.  I decided my organizational system that used to work fine was no longer working for the amount of stuff I had going on …so I re-organized!  The artist in me LOVES color coding and it always helps me keep track better.  After completing this month’s list of sales, deadlines, openings, etc I realized that I had good reason to be having difficulty keeping it all straight… I have A LOT going on this month (and this doesn’t include  mom jobs or volunteering for elections or just plain fun with family and friends).  Here’s to being a busy exhibiting artist – I love it ! – cheers!

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