“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” –  Pablo Picasso

My mind was most definitely working this summer as we traveled around the country.  Our days were filled with beautiful landscapes and works of art,HB4116

interspersed with laughter and visits with family and friends.  I was inspired by so many things we saw and experienced…

Our camping journey began with a visit to the Black Hills, SDHB4116

then on to Glacier National Park.  I was in awe looking at the mountains, lakes, waterfalls and obviously the snow and glaciers.




Next we traveled along the coast of California with its’ incredibly diverse landscapes…from the tall, awe inspiring redwoods,


to drought ridden farms,IMG_20180712_115042913

to beaches with cool seaweed and back to desert.

And then we journied back home via the desert and canyons of the south west and back up through Wyoming.

I thought deeply about water and the lack of it and how that impacts us as humans.HB4116

I thought about the fragile state of the glaciers and our climate.


And I reflected on the beauty and peacefulness of nature and the rejuvenating power of meditation.1200-187014300-pink-lotus-flower

All of these inspiring experiences provided me with ideas for new work and installation projects.  I look forward to getting back to the studio in the fall and seeing the next journey I will take with my art.




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