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Today I am launching my Etsy site:  ReflectionsGlassArts  This feels like a big, exciting step for me.  I have started with my beaded glass art – earrings and wine stoppers, and will be adding my blown glass work soon.  I have sold some blown work and earrings at my exhibit at the St Peter Arts Center (up through the end of this month) and am eager to embark on this new journey of online sales.  I hope you will visit my site, select me as a favorite and perhaps even purchase something you like.   Here is some info on my shop:

Creating my work brings me peace, energy and joy and I hope that even for just a moment, it can help others find that too. Whimsy and playfulness can be powerful tools, providing the energy to change our day or our outlook. They can give us strength to get through the tough times or help us heal. Reflections: capturing joy and beauty in glass, encapsulates what I feel about my art and what I hope to give back to the world, something beautiful. When I create my glass beads and blown glass work, I am completely lost in the moment, almost meditatively. Each individual part is crafted with joy and care. The colors and patterns are inspiration for what I create for a final piece, be that jewelry, a sculpture or a functional piece. I hope each time you wear or use a piece of my work, it brings you joy and light as well. 20180314_172505_0001

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