Reflection or Refraction: capturing joy through glass

ACSP malphurs-daost poster (4)

Pictured on the poster above:  Close up of “Wave Rider” 2017 by April Malphurs.  Cane roll-up blown glass vase with flame-worked beads on wire armatures.

If you haven’t had a chance to see my work in person, I invite you to attend my solo show in March at the St. Peter Arts Center.  Glass is so much more gorgeous in person as you can see the light bouncing off it and be captured by its beauty.  I will have pieces on view and some for sale, ranging from small jewelry to functional pieces, like glasses, to sculptures and a large installation.  I will speak for about five minutes at the opening on Saturday March 3 at 3:30pm and also share a video of myself blowing glass and creating flame-worked beads.  If glass is a mystery to you, then I think the video will help you understand this mystical medium.

This past year has been exciting and a huge year of growth for me as an artist in so many ways.  Thanks to a grant from the McKnight Foundation through Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council, I was able to take several glass blowing classes to learn ways to create patterning on my blown work that mirrors that of my bead work.  I was fortunate to study with some amazing artists.  I learned cane and murrini techniques from Claire Kelly and bit work, color patterning, stamping, bead attaching tricks and how to have an absolute blast being creative from Laura Donefer, while at the same time getting to catch up with friends Karina Guevin and Cedrick Ginart who were my original instructors in flame-working. I also grew the size of my work, creating my first installation that combines 27 blown glass pieces and beadwork to create “Splash.” I spent many hours at FOCI MN Glass Arts working with my mentor partner, Alli Luhman to create the blown pieces for my sculpture bases and for “Splash.” Come see it at my show at the Arts Center of St. Peter in March.  The grant also pushed me to grow in other ways in addition to my artistry.  I set a goal to display my work more and to have my first solo show in an arts center.  I reached out to several galleries and arts centers and I was thrilled at how well my work was received.  I ended up with two solo shows, in Waseca and St Peter, being a part of the Healing Arts Exhibit at the Owatonna Hospital, as well as two juried shows, Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council and Celebrate, Contemplate at Flow Art Space in St. Paul.  Lately, I have been establishing my brand, working on promoting myself and my work.  I love learning and pushing myself and look forward to the next direction I go as an artist.  This exhibit represents the culmination of this year’s growth.  I hope to see you at the show and talk more about my work in person.

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