Pink and orange feathered blank

I am so excited to be back to working on sculptures again. Late summer and early fall are times when I make functional pieces for holiday sales and while I appreciate the money they bring in, it is not where my heart lies. I created some blanks recently to blow out into parts for a four piece sculpture I am working on. Each of the 4 sculptures is compromised of several glass pieces combined together. I am working on the last two to complete the work. Here are some pictures of the blanks and some other pieces that will be combined. When I complete the whole piece I will do another post…until then enjoy the colors and textures. My heart is happy! Peace, love and joy to you this holiday season.

Candy shop

Remember that feeling of being a kid in a candy shop or if you are from S. MN visiting the candy barn for the first time? That is what it feels like when I get to order glass color! I absolutely love color! And having grant funds to buy color makes it feel like a free trip to the candy store. Looking at all these wonderful colors in bars, frit and cane…you just can’t help but get excited! Now I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Bees give stamp of approval!

To add a little humor, much needed I should add, into my day, several little bees kept photo bombing my pictures of my Botanical Fantasies sculpture. I guess I should take it as a compliment that they thought it was the real deal! Thanks for your approval, little friends.

I did manage to get a few good bee free shots, as well.

MN State Fair

Flame Thrower

Heading to the state fair? Visit “Flame Thrower” in the Creative Arts Building. Or stop by the FOCI gallery for a pair of my earrings or a bottle opener necklace. Also the exhibit in Northfield ends this month

If you have not made it to Northfield Arts Guild yet, this is the last week of the exhibit. Stop by before the end of the month to see “Splash!” and other works!

Northfield Arts Guild
Shape and Form Exhibit

Ear Art…

Aka earrings: sculptures you wear

Making my earrings is like making mini versions of my sculptural work. They bring me joy and I hope they do you too. If you like the color and whimsical style of my sculptures, then you will enjoy these too…a fun little sculpture you can own and wear everywhere you go! Add a bit of fun to your day and wardrobe.

I have had a super busy few weeks, all good but busy…teaching art camps, installation and opening of the exhibit at the Guild in Northfield and also creating 100 pairs of earrings for the MN State Fair FOCI gallery. I had so much fun playing with new color combinations for the beads I made. I hope you enjoy the new designs. If you see something you like and won’t be at the fair, send me a message and I can make you a pair and even mail them if you live far away.

I have a choice of backs, hypoallergenic Sterling silver or 14K gold over silver. These are some close ups:

I also had new cards printed for displays. Here are more designs:

These are another kind of wearable art… bottle opener necklaces. Imagine how fun it would be to wear one to a party, tailgate or barbeque and use it to open someone’s beer. It is a fantastic conversation starter!

At one point I got everyone to help assembly line style even. Sophie enjoyed it so much she wants me to teach her how to make beads

Making a pair on one mandrel makes it easier to keep the sizes the same and was to set up the patterns if you take it off as a set.

Want some wearable art for yourself or a gift? Contact me at